SO2 module NDIR Infrared sulfur dioxide module gas sensor



Product introduction:

A sensor for measuring sulfur dioxide using nondispersive infrared technology (NDIR). This product adopts imported MEMS infrared light source and double-channel pyroelectric detector to process the measurement and reference signal and compensate the temperature, so that stable and reliable measurement results can be obtained even under harsh temperature and environmental conditions. With NDIR products unique good selectivity, high sensitivity, no oxygen dependence, long life and other characteristics.

Product parameters:

SO2 measurement range: 0-1wppm
Communication port: RS485
Power supply: 9V-24V DC
Measurement principle: NDIR
Measurement accuracy: ±5%F.S(25℃)
Response time: < 30S (diffusible 25℃), < 15S (pump suction 25℃)
Average power consumption: <60mA

Range of application

It can be widely used in oil and gas detection, chemical gas production and air detection process monitoring. It can be installed in chemical industry, coal mine, oil field, intelligent building, acousto-optic alarm controller, robot, automobile and other applications.

Product details:


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