Weather Monitoring System Using IOT

In this article, we will introduce you to a weather monitoring system based on Internet of things, it can report to us your area of pressure, temperature, humidity, air quality, light intensity and other weather conditions, and record data from the sensor to a iot of cloud services in the monitoring and analysis, you can through the terminal devices to check your area real-time weather conditions.

weather monitor system

weather monitoring system

It is a system that involves in acquiring weather and environment data using advanced electronic sensors and sending them to a web server via internet for real time weather monitoring and storage of data for future analysis and study.

Why we need an IoT based weather monitoring system?

Ease of monitoring your local weather conditions in real time from anywhere in the world.

For storing weather and environment data for short and long term for studying weather pattern changes and to understand how human induced climate change affected your local weather.

Easy deployment of the setup for monitoring local atmospheric conditions and microclimates for weather forecasting and prediction.

Types of sensors involved in weather monitoring:

We can find wide spectrum of electronic sensors involved in weather monitoring system depending on the kind of application.

Farmers need to know the temperature, relative humidity, soil moisture, rain fall etc. to enhance their crop production and the following type of sensors are utilized to obtain the data:
Temperature sensor.
Humidity / hygrometer sensor.
Soil moisture sensor.
Rain sensor etc.

For an airplane pilot he/she needs to know wind speed, wind direction, atmospheric pressure, precipitation, visibility etc. before they takeoff and they use the following sensors:
Barometric sensor – for measuring atmospheric pressure.
Anemometer – for measuring wind speed.
Rain sensor.
Visibility sensor – for measuring visibility during snow, rain, storm etc.

Wind Speed Sensor

Mini type three cup wind speed sensor is used cup wind as sensing components, which is rotated by wind and drives magnetic steel,the reed switch is working by magnetic steel sensing, output relative electric pulse signals.

Wind Direction sensor

Wind Direction sensor

Wind direction sensor is a kind of meteorological instrument used to measure wind direction, accurate measurement, stable base, small friction, black shielded wire, high-quality aviation plug, manufacturer direct sales, support customization.

Rain Sensor

Rain Sensor

Rain sensors are used to monitor rainfall. Support RS485, Lora, 4G, pulse output and other output methods. Accurate measurement, high shell density, sealed waterproof strip, small calibration probe error, and strong anti-interference ability.

In conclusion, the sensors used for monitoring weather depends on the type application we going to deploy for.

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