How to choose a portable weather station?


In ancient times, weather played an important role in deciding victory or defeat in war. With the progress of science and technology, our life is gradually inseparable from weather, and our life is affected by weather everywhere. Anyone who knows about weather stations knows that there are many kinds of weather stations. Outdoor weather station, campus weather station, agricultural weather station, scenic spot weather station, portable weather station and so on. Today, we mainly introduce convenient weather station.

Portable weather station is a portable, tripod installation, easy to use, high measurement accuracy, integrated with a number of meteorological elements of the mobile observation system. The system can collect temperature, humidity, wind direction, wind speed, precipitation, air pressure, light and so on many information and upload the local monitoring software or cloud platform, the weather is outside, RS485 and GPRS / 4 g network four data upload, cooperate with the software can realize remote data transmission and real-time meteorological condition monitoring, is a cost-effective highlight of small-sized automatic weather station.

What is the difference between convenient weather stations and ordinary weather stations?

Advantages of portable weather station: portable weather station, as the name implies, portable installation, contraction height of 1 meters, the lowest installation height of 1.1 meters, the highest installation height of 2.1 meters, easy to install, carry. High measurement accuracy, reliable stability, iron rod, distribution box adopts spray white box, sunlight resistance and corrosion resistance. Compared with traditional meteorological observation technology, the use of portable weather stations is more flexible and more widely used.

portable weather station

JXCT portable weather station is divided into two kinds, one uses C-type integrated weather station, using high-quality anti-ultraviolet material, long service life, using high sensitivity probe, signal stability, high precision. Optional elements are: wind speed, wind direction, air temperature and humidity, noise, carbon dioxide, atmospheric pressure, PM2.5, PM10, negative oxygen ion;

The other uses ultrasonic integrated weather station, up to monitor wind speed, wind direction, air temperature and humidity, noise, carbon dioxide, atmospheric pressure, light, PM2.5, PM10, negative oxygen ions and other eleven elements. Monitoring elements can be selected according to demand.

How to choose a portable weather station?

Their own needs: many people may know that the weather station can achieve monitoring: temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, and other meteorological elements, and the monitoring of these meteorological elements are dependent on sensors to achieve monitoring, so the selection of elements according to their own actual situation to choose their own meteorological elements.

Environmental factors: The weather station itself relies on sensors to monitor meteorological elements, and some severe weather has higher requirements on sensors. Therefore, in order to make the sensor have good stability, the sensor must have strong environmental adaptability. Before the selection of sensors, the use of the environment should be investigated, and according to the specific use of the environment to select the appropriate sensor, or take appropriate measures to reduce the impact of the environment. And do regular inspection and maintenance.

Linear range: The linear range of a sensor is the range in which the output is proportional to the input. Theoretically, within this range, the sensitivity remains constant. The wider the linear range of the sensor is, the larger the measuring range is, and the measurement accuracy can be guaranteed. In the selection of sensor, when the type of sensor is determined, the first thing to see whether its range can meet the requirements. But in practice, no sensor can guarantee absolute linearity, and its linearity is also relative. When the required measurement accuracy is relatively low, in a certain range, the sensor with small nonlinear error can be approximated as linear, which will bring great convenience to the measurement.

The portable weather station has high parameter integration, adopts high-precision chip, accurate measurement, rain proof and moistureproof, combined with the free cloud platform of JIandarun, it can carry out 24-hour uninterrupted weather monitoring in unattended harsh environment. Provide weather forecast and early warning information for daily life and agricultural activities, and take meteorological defense measures in time.

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