Ultrasonic level gauge

Introduction to Ultrasonic Level Gauge

Ultrasonic level gauge is also called non-contact ultrasonic level gauge. The biggest feature of ultrasonic level gauges is non-contact measurement, which is now playing an increasingly important role in the field of electrical instruments. The non-contact ultrasonic level gauge has many advantages. For example, in some severe situations, such as the measured liquid level contains a lot of particulate impurities, the tank has a strong corrosive medium. Ad the measured medium temperature is high, the input type liquid level gauge cannot perform the measurement well. At this time, you can use ultrasonic Liquid level gauge, non-contact to ensure more stable measurement.

Working principle of ultrasonic level gauge

The ultrasonic level gauge is a distance measuring instrument developed based on the principle of ultrasonic waves. It uses the transmitted sound wave pulse to measure the time at the receiving end to calculate the distance. Ultrasonic level gauges are usually used to measure temperatures between -20°C and 60°C.

Installation method of ultrasonic level gauge

The ultrasonic level gauge should be placed horizontally on the top of the container, parallel to the liquid surface, and try to avoid being close to the side wall of the container. Choose a suitable method to install the ultrasonic level gauge. In order to prevent the level gauge from loosening due to vibration or shaking it needs to be carefully and securely installed. Do not install multiple ultrasonic level gauges in the same container to avoid mutual interference and cause measurement errors. The installation location should avoid strong vibration areas and direct sunlight, and outdoor installations should be equipped with protective covers.

non-contact ultrasonic level gauge
non-contact ultrasonic level gauge
Product advantages

No moving parts, low wear and long service life;

Engineering plastic shell, lightweight design, portable, easy to install and disassemble;

No need for maintenance and on-site calibration;

Using imported detection chip, fast response speed;

The zero drift is small and the repeatability is good;

The product has been tested by EMC and EMI, and has strong anti-interference ability;

The equipment is stable and reliable, and the detection is accurate;

Remote cloud alarm monitoring.

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