The hazard and monitoring of sulfur dioxide in ambient air quality

The hazards of sulfur dioxide:

With the rapid development of industrialization and urbanization. Air pollution, especially urban air pollution, is becoming more and more serious. Seriously endangering human health. And people are paying more and more attention to ambient air quality. Among them, sulfur dioxide is one of the common air pollutants. The main harm of sulfur dioxide to the human body is to the human respiratory system.

The damage mainly occurs with obstructive airway diseases. Such as bronchitis, asthma, emphysema, etc., are closely related to lung cancer. The effect of sulfur dioxide on the cardiovascular system is mainly to increase the incidence of ischemic heart disease. Pregnant women who are over-exposed to sulfur dioxide may give birth prematurely. Thus endangering the health of the next generation. Sulfur dioxide has toxic effects on the central nervous system, digestive system, immune system and reproductive system of the human body. The emergence of sulfur dioxide gas detectors can monitor the SO2 content in the atmospheric environment. So that people can respond in time and try to avoid SO2 harm to the human body.

Monitoring of sulfur dioxide gas:

There are many types of sensors for detecting sulfur dioxide gas. Such as SO2 gas leak detector, fixed sulfur dioxide sensor. SO2 gas detector and infrared SO2 module.

Monitoring principle of infrared sulfur dioxide module:

Adopt (NDIR) non-dispersive infrared technology infrared light source. The emitted infrared radiation is absorbed by a certain concentration of the gas to be measured. The intensity of the spectrum, which is proportional to the gas concentration, changes. The concentration of the gas to be measured can be reversed by calculating the variation of the spectral intensity.
Adopt (NDIR) infrared absorption detection principle to advance the optical path. The precision circuit is combined with intelligent software. Form a general-purpose infrared SO2, sensor

Features of sulfur dioxide gas detector:

Original imported sensor, automatic temperature compensation. Zero drift and full scale drift compensation.
Automatic protection against the impact of high-concentration gas and sensor fault self-checking function. The circuit protection design greatly reduces the failure rate during installation and use. The infrared remote control method can adjust the detector without opening the cover. Safe and convenient. Digital automatic tracking and compensation of temperature in full scale range. Ensure measurement accuracy. Temperature compensation, multi-level calibration. It can meet the national standards and the standards of local and provincial metrology bureaus in various regions at the same time.

ambient air quality
ambient air quality

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