air quality monitoring system


Jingxun’s grid air quality monitoring system can sequence the multiple test signals of each monitoring sensor and analyzer. Enter the independent (DTU) transmission channel of the wireless communication node device DVR through the interface protocol. After lightning protection, it is input to the data collector in the unit. The collector transmits the collected data to the atmospheric online monitoring system through the TCP/IP network through the wireless data transmission terminal. Users can increase or decrease the parameters measured by the monitoring system according to their own needs. In addition to the conventional parameters of the four gases (carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, ozone). In addition to the eight parameters of dust (PM10, PM2.5), temperature and humidity. Nitric oxide, hydrogen sulfide, and volatile organic compounds can also be selected. Meteorological parameters such as hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, ammonia, noise, wind speed, wind direction, and air pressure.

Grid air environment monitor:

The grid air environment monitor has a unified management platform. The entire grid environment monitoring system provides equipment management and user management at the same time. Basic equipment management and control functions such as storage management and network management. Improve the overall efficiency of the system by optimizing the system architecture. Make the platform management of the grid meteorological monitoring points more flexible and humane.

The cloud platform can uniformly monitor the grid environment monitoring and distribution subsystem. Control and management. Each subsystem performs data display through the cloud management platform in accordance with the unified middleware standard data collection master control device. Statistical comparison and analysis. Realize the centralized management of dispersed and independent subsystems with the same software environment. And you can view the operating status information of each micro weather station.

air quality monitoring system
air quality monitoring system

Environmental monitoring is an important part of environmental protection. It is the direct reference data for environmental pollution assessment. In addition, environmental monitoring data is also an important data support for the theoretical research of environmental protection and the formulation of environmental protection policies and regulations. More direct is the current air quality rankings faced by major cities. It is related to the accountability and punishment of environmental protection related management departments. For pollutant companies, monitoring data must not exceed the standard nor dare to exceed the standard. Therefore, we have seen the continuous tightening of emission standards. Companies still achieve compliance emissions. Incidents of fraudulent monitoring data continue to emerge. The credibility of the test data is lost!

The current environmental monitoring market. We have seen the continuous tightening of emission standards. Companies still achieve compliance emissions. Incidents of fraudulent monitoring data continue to emerge. Disorders such as loss of credibility of detection data. Because some environmental management personnel lack the relevant knowledge of production technology and production management. Therefore, the understanding of the characteristics of pollutant emission is not clear. I once encountered a company that was restricted by the process conditions of the reactor. Exhaust gas needs to be discharged regularly. Therefore, three exhaust pipes were installed on the roof of the fifth floor to directly exhaust the atmosphere. Discharge once or twice a day. Every half an hour. It is said that the company has been in normal production for several years. These discharge ports are not included in the supervision. But they produce up to tens of tons of waste gas every year. The monitored exhaust emissions are only one or two tons.

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