soil sensor humidity


Soil is the basis for human survival and sustainable development. Quick and accurate acquisition of soil environmental quality information is an inevitable requirement for rapid soil quality detection and evaluation and the development of modern precision agriculture.Jingxun Unblocked Soil Parameter Quick Tester. Adopt advanced FDR measurement method. Counting of reflected electromagnetic pulses in the frequency domain to measure soil. It can accurately detect soil temperature, soil sensor humidity, pH, NPK, conductivity, etc.

soil sensor humidity
soil sensor humidity
Humidity monitoring

Moisture is an important factor in soil fertility. It not only affects the physical properties of the soil. It also restricts the dissolution and migration of nutrients in the soil. It is an important indicator for monitoring soil drought and degradation. FDR uses the oscillation of an LC (resonant) circuit. The soil moisture content is determined by the frequency change caused by the change of the dielectric constant in the soil. This method can measure the water content of soil at different depths by adjusting the position of the sensor.

Conductivity detection

Soil salinity is an important indicator of soil salinization research. It is also an important factor restricting agricultural production. The determination of soil salinity is usually to first determine the electrical conductivity in the soil. Then use the soil conductivity to calculate the amount of salt in the soil. In order to achieve rapid and effective determination of soil salinity. At present, the main applications are soil solution method and soil apparent conductivity method based on in-situ monitoring. The soil parameter rapid measuring instrument is easy to measure. Does not destroy the undisturbed soil structure. It can measure moisture and conductivity at the same time. It can carry out soil moisture in different scales. Rapid detection of salt.

Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium Testing

The rapid detection of soil nutrients is of great significance for guiding rational fertilization. It has always been a technical problem in the acquisition of precision agricultural information. The rapid detection of soil nutrients is a relative to conventional chemical analysis. The principle of photoelectric colorimetry is adopted. The speed is faster and the cost is lower. Test equipment is easier. The test accuracy can meet the requirement of nutrient testing technology for soil testing and formula fertilization. Soil parameter quick measuring instrument. It has a wide measurement range and is easy to operate. It can be widely used in agricultural soil and environmental monitoring departments.

PH test

Soil pH is an important indicator that affects soil environmental quality. It is also one of the important factors affecting soil fertility. The acidification of soil will seriously affect food security and land production potential. At present, soil pH testing is still greatly influenced by the outside world. The detection technology with high measurement accuracy and low external influence is in urgent need of breakthrough. The soil parameter rapid tester solves the problem of single function of traditional equipment. High precision and flexibility. Meet the needs of rapid testing of soil pH.

temperature check

Soil temperature has an important influence on the absorption and transport of soil nutrients. The soil parameter rapid measuring instrument can monitor the soil temperature in real time. The detection accuracy is high, and the node power consumption is low. Overcome the shortcomings of traditional soil temperature detection. Effectively solve the contradiction between labor intensity and measurement accuracy in traditional measurement methods. And it has fast running speed and long transmission distance. The advantages of high precision and strong anti-interference ability.

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