The relationship between wind speed sensor and weather station


Generally, a weather station is composed of weather sensors, collectors, power supply systems, control boxes and other parts. Among them, the weather sensor pair is an important part of the weather station. Weather station anemometer, etc. are special sensors for outdoor weather. It has the advantages of large range, good linearity, strong lightning resistance, convenient observation, stability and reliability.


Three cups of 359° wind speed measurement, wind speed sensor adopts integrated structure design. Strong wind resistance, low starting wind speed. Anti-corrosion, anti-rust, anti-aging. The wind speed sensor has strong corrosion resistance and does not rust. Can be used outdoors for a long time, high and low temperature resistance. High-performance imported bearings, the wind speed sensor has low rotation resistance, and the measurement is more accurate. Waterproof and anti-plug-in, waterproof and plug-in design, long-term waterproof, more convenient installation. Can be matched with cloud platform. The wind speed sensor can be used with Jingxun Cloud. The configuration interface can be configured according to on-site conditions, and data and alarms can be viewed at any time.

Application in agriculture:

Wind speed plays a very important role in improving the environmental conditions of farmland. Wind can spread pollen and seeds of plants and help plants pollinate and reproduce. If there is a strong wind, it will cause mechanical scratches on leaves, fall of crops, breakage of trees, and fall of flowers and fruits. Affect the yield of crops.

Application in marine:

Marine meteorological warning system is one of the important applications of wind direction sensors in the field of meteorology. It is one of the important parameters for predicting typhoon coverage and “operation” trajectory. The Marine Meteorological Observatory collects and monitors atmospheric pressure, wind direction, rainfall and other meteorological data through temperature and humidity sensors, pressure sensors, wind speed and direction sensors and other equipment.

weather station anemometer
weather station anemometer

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