water quality monitoring information system


At present, the world’s water environment problems have reached an urgent level. The total COD emissions are approximately 22.946 million tons. The water quality monitoring information system total discharge of ammonia nitrogen is approximately 2.386 million tons. Far beyond the capacity of the environment. In addition, in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River in my country. Two-thirds of the water quality is poor or extremely poor. At present, the on-site monitoring equipment of my country’s water pollution intelligent monitoring system has developed relatively mature. However, the implementation technology of remote online monitoring is still relatively backward. The traditional implementation method is to spend huge sums of money to ask so-called large companies to customize and develop a complete system. Not only the cost is high. And the development cycle is long. Later operation and maintenance are difficult to carry out.

For the current situation. Weihai Jingxun Changtong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to improving the level of online monitoring of water pollution in my country. Introduced a set of better real-time data analysis and diagnosis for environmental protection system integrators. Improve the quality of domestic water sources. Online monitoring system for unorganized pollution sources such as water pollution. It can monitor COD, NH3-N, flow, PH, etc. online. Carry out 24-hour online data collection and upload communication. And has real-time alarm function and statistical analysis report.

water quality monitoring information system
water quality monitoring information system
System architecture:

Water quality monitoring IoT platform is used to monitor rivers. Surface water quality systems such as lakes. The water quality status can be monitored in real time through this system. Can provide online data query and statistical analysis. Automatic warning of excessive water quality. Comprehensive analysis of water quality and other functions. Can be a river. The monitoring and management of lake water quality provide data analysis and decision-making basis. And provide rich data support for river governance and environmental protection law enforcement. The cloud platform architecture of the environmental water quality intelligent monitoring system is divided into four layers: the physical environment perception layer and the environmental data collection and display layer. Environmental data communication network layer, environmental online cloud platform layer. Customers can choose sensors according to the environmental protection objects that need to be collected and controlled on site. like: Dissolved oxygen sensor (with temperature), pH sensor. Conductivity sensor, turbidity sensor. Ammonia nitrogen analyzer, TOC, etc. Then carry out on-site construction and assembly.

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