river water quality monitoring system


Water pollution has great harm to aquatic organisms. Various aquatic animals and plants live in the water. The river water quality monitoring system a simple exchange of matter and energy between organisms and aquatic organisms. A dynamic balance is maintained above the quantity. But under the influence of human activities. This balance is destroyed. If humans exhaust pollutants into the water. Some harmful aquatic organisms will die in excess. As a result, some stain-resistant aquatic organisms will intensify mating. A large amount of oxygen in the solution in the water is lost. Because of oxygen, harmful aquatic organisms have to move to other places. Or die. Especially some toxic elements. It is not only insoluble in water, but also not easy to accumulate in organisms. Cause huge harm to humans.

If the water body is polluted by water. On the other hand, the balance between living things and water, living things and living things is disrupted. At the same time, some toxic substances migrate and accumulate rapidly. Ultimately endanger human health and life. The impact of water pollution on industrial and agricultural production. Industrial and agricultural production not only requires sufficient water. Therefore, there are certain requirements for water quality. It will cause very large losses for industry and agriculture. Especially after the water polluted by the water is used in the industrial and agricultural production process, river water quality monitoring system has great harm to human beings. One is to destroy industrial equipment. Slightly impact product quality. The second is to change the chemical composition of the soil and increase its fertility. Cause crop yields and slight pollution. Increase the sewage treatment costs of domestic and industrial water in cities.

river water quality monitoring system
river water quality monitoring system
Jingxun unblocked water quality monitoring solution.

Jingxun unblocked water quality monitoring solution Use IoT sensors and Jingxun cloud platform to achieve rapid deployment. Provide a one-stop shop to meet the needs and can be tailored to the needs. These include industrial wastewater monitoring solutions, river and lake water quality monitoring solutions, and groundwater monitoring systems. Industrial wastewater monitoring program. Provide monitoring programs for factories and other wastewater discharge companies. Monitor the discharged wastewater in a timely manner. Avoid discharge of waste water that does not meet national standards. The water quality monitoring solution for rivers and lakes monitors the water quality status of rivers and lakes in real time. The groundwater monitoring system collects groundwater quality information in real time to ensure the safety of groundwater resources.

Jingxun Changtong’s water quality monitoring solutions can tailor different solutions for different needs. It can monitor the PH value and flow rate in the water. Water level monitoring, rainfall monitoring, water temperature monitoring, ammonia nitrogen monitoring. Chemical ion monitoring, conductivity monitoring, etc. When the pre-set value is exceeded, Jingxun Cloud Platform will automatically push alarm information as soon as possible. So as to deal with the problem as soon as possible.

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