How to choose air quality test kit


In 2015, because of a video. The air quality test kit word smog is firmly remembered for everyone. What followed was a lot of news that began to point out the smog problem in the country. The sudden rise of control quality has become one of the hot topics that the public pays attention to. And to this day, the air quality situation. And how to get better air quality is still the center of public attention. And with the in-depth understanding of air quality. The air quality that the masses care about does not only stop at outdoor air quality. It also gradually involves indoor air quality.

It is also because the public pays close attention to air quality. More and more air quality detectors are beginning to appear in the public eye. Some of them are to meet the air quality testing needs of meteorological monitoring agencies such as the Meteorological Bureau. Some are to meet the needs of the public who want to understand and improve indoor air quality.   

Generally speaking, an instrument used for ambient air quality testing. In order to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the data. Will be more targeted. And will make certain adjustments according to the actual environmental conditions. What needs to be mentioned is that for environmental testing. Air quality indicators include carbon dioxide concentration, humidity, and PM2.5 concentration. PM5 concentration, PM10 concentration, sulfur dioxide concentration, ozone concentration, etc.  


air quality test kit
air quality test kit
air quality test kit

Currently commonly used ambient air quality testing instruments include carbon dioxide concentration detectors. PM2.5 and PM5 particle detector, sulfur dioxide detector, etc. In addition, there are many general analytical instruments that are also used for air quality testing. For example, infrared spectroscopy can be used to detect the concentration of ozone in the air.   

In general, it is an instrument used for indoor air quality testing. It is more inclined to the comprehensiveness of functions, and it is usually possible to detect multiple air quality parameters at the same time. And compared to equipment used outdoors. Indoor air quality testing instruments will pay more attention to some common indoor air pollutants. Such as formaldehyde, TVOC. In addition, for most families who have an indoor air detector. Fresh air installations are also the focus of procurement. Therefore, many indoor air detectors will be used in conjunction with fresh air devices. Judge the indoor air through the instrument. Then determine the operating mode of the fresh air system and remind users to open windows for ventilation.

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