The important role of water conductivity sensor

What is conductivity?

The conductivity of water is determined by the ability of the fluid to pass current. The conductivity is measured in Siemens units. Usually expressed as S/cm. The conductivity value usually has two basic formats, namely actual conductivity and specific conductivity. Due to the many substances or sediments in the seawater, the conductivity in the seawater is much higher. But a high conductivity value may also mean high pollution. May cause harm to the environment. For example, in groundwater applications, conductivity can be used to identify saltwater intrusion. Conductivity can also be used to determine pollution events in freshwater environments. It can quickly determine water quality changes, which is very suitable for preliminary research or deciding the focus of monitoring activities.

Water quality conductivity sensor

The water quality conductivity sensor monitoring data can be remotely monitored and recorded by connecting the transmission output to the recorder. It can also be connected to the RS485 interface for monitoring and recording. At the same time, the device has 2 relay interfaces, which can set the output of the alarm point. It is widely used in sewage treatment plants, pure water conductivity detection, aquaculture conductivity detection. River water and seawater conductivity detection and many other environments.

conductivity value - Water quality conductivity sensor
conductivity value – Water quality conductivity sensor

Do not put the electrode directly in the water. Before installation, be sure to use the raw material tape (3/4 wire) to do a waterproof seal to prevent water from entering the electrode and causing the electrode cable to short-circuit.
In the process of water cut, you need to make sure that the electrode is immersed in the liquid to be measured or wear a protective cap with a protective liquid in the protective cap. In winter, if the water temperature is low for a long time, antifreeze devices should be installed or water should be added indoors for storage. Otherwise, the service life will be shortened.

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