Have you selected the right equipment for water quality monitoring?


Today, environmental protection is increasingly valued. Water monitoring equipment is an indispensable sensor for some industries. And different industries have different requirements for testing. Therefore, the corresponding operations of the inspectors are also different. The choice of testing equipment is also different. For example, most of the detection of industrial wastewater is heavy metal content. Drinking water plants may need to detect microorganisms, organics, heavy metals, disinfectants and other parameters. The detection of these parameters is mainly done by various water quality sensors of the water quality detector. For the monitoring of water pollution. Usually a water turbidity sensor is used. It measures the suspended solids in water by measuring the amount of light passing through the water. And these suspended solids can reflect the pollution of the water body.

Therefore, water monitoring equipment is often used in the measurement of rivers, sewage and wastewater. Flexible calibration method and fast response time. Makes turbidity measurement simpler and more convenient and saves water. Greatly reduce the use and maintenance costs.

Jingxun unblocked-advantages of water quality turbidity detector:

The sensor uses the laser scattering method. The sensor product has a long life, no maintenance, and excellent performance. The continuous monitoring data is connected to the recorder through the transmission output to realize remote monitoring and recording. It can also be connected to the RS485 interface through the MODBUS-RTU protocol, which can be easily connected to the computer for monitoring and recording. The water quality turbidity meter is equipped with a waterproof housing, and the signal of the aqueous solution is digitally adjusted and analyzed. Converted to standard 485 signal. No calibration is required for one-time molding, and it can be used by hand. It is widely used in continuous monitoring of turbidity and temperature in solutions such as thermal power, chemical fertilizer, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, biochemical, food and tap water.

water monitoring equipment
water monitoring equipment

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