air quality sensor iot


In recent years, air quality problems have become a major problem that plagues us. With the development of science and technology in our country. The economic level and the level of urbanization are constantly improving. But our air quality is also declining. The smog seriously endangers our health. The destruction of air quality not only endangers our health, but also has great harm to crops. Therefore, we use air quality sensor iot to consciously maintain environmental protection obligations. Efforts to improve human living standards. Continuously improve air quality.

The installation of air quality sensors can monitor the degree of pollution in the air. The air quality sensor is mainly used to install in the air quality detector. The air quality detector is like a human body. The sensor is like a person’s facial features. If you want to use an air quality sensor, you need an air quality detector as the carrier of the sensor. In this way, we can make corresponding measures according to the situation. Avoid unnecessary losses and hazards.

air quality sensor iot
air quality sensor iot

This sensor adopts dual sampling of particulate matter and gas. The way that each gas is separately branched into air, does not interfere with each other. The measurement is accurate, and the suction pump is built-in. The response speed is fast and the sensitivity is high. Among them, the particle sampling unit adopts a mechanical cutting head. And it is equipped with a protective net with an aperture of 1mm. Effectively isolate impurities and increase the service life of the sensor. The gas sampling unit adds a pretreatment module. It can effectively dehumidify and remove dust and improve the accuracy of gas detection. The sensor is equipped with a 485 signal transmission interface. Convenient operation, accurate measurement and reliable work. Various instruments and meters or air quality improvement equipment related to the detection of air quality concentration can be embedded. Suitable for many occasions.

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