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ambient weather station is in accordance with the International Meteorological WMO Organization’s meteorological observation standards. A multi-element automatic weather station developed and produced by research. It can monitor conventional meteorological elements such as wind direction, wind speed, temperature, humidity, air pressure, rainfall, soil temperature and humidity. With automatic recording. Functions such as over-limit alarm and data communication. ambient weather station The automatic weather station consists of weather sensors. Weather data recorder. The weather environment monitoring software consists of three parts. It is widely used in urban environmental monitoring such as industrial and agricultural production, tourism, scientific research, and meteorology.

outdoor weather station
outdoor weather station

Features of automatic weather station:   

1. Collector: Industrial-grade processing chip is used. With ABS shell. The whole is light, strong and beautiful. With 192*64 full dot matrix LCD display. It can display graphics or 12*4 Chinese characters (7-inch LCD screen is optional). Suitable for various harsh environments.

2. The automatic weather station has an external U disk storage expansion function.

3. Sensors: ambient temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, air pressure, soil temperature, soil moisture sensor, soil PH, soil salinity, rainfall sensor, total radiation sensor, carbon dioxide, sunshine hours and other meteorological element sensors (according to requirements Optional).   

4. Bracket: The surface of the main pole is treated with hot-dip galvanizing and electrostatic spraying. Strong corrosion resistance, the main pole height is 3.5 meters. Equipped with windproof cable.   

5. One set of weather data analysis software: Data query function: Support all kinds of real-time data in any time period. Historical data query, export, and print functions. Data statistics function: support single element statistics function: can be year, month, day, hour. Perform statistics of the maximum, minimum, and average values ​​of a single element within 10 minutes or any time period.   Data chart function: Real-time curve can be formed according to the collected data. And it can be presented in intuitive ways such as column chart and pie chart.

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