Application of voc sensor in robot gas monitoring


Robot gas monitoring requires the rapid response of gas sensors. Quick feedback of monitoring values. Take the VOC sensor as an example. After a lot of actual testing. The PID-AH photoionization gas sensor can detect 1ppb VOC gas. It can detect more than 2000 different VOC gases. Many hazardous materials contain VOC. PID is due to its high sensitivity to VOC. Become an indispensable practical tool for early warning of hazardous substances and leakage monitoring. The gas molecules captured by the intelligent VOC detector are fed back to the robot system in real time. Real-time understanding of monitoring values through the robot system, and data analysis.

voc sensor
voc sensor
Explosion-proof sensor:

Because the monitoring place is more than VOC one kind of gas. According to the monitored flammable, explosive, toxic and harmful gases. With different intelligent gas sensor modules. It can monitor combustible gas, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, ozone, and nitrogen dioxide. Oxygen, ammonia, chlorine, hydrogen chloride. Gases such as methane. provides all the smart sensors required in the field of robot gas monitoring.

Welcome friends in need to consult online. The gas sensor module of the mining network can not only be equipped with a robot for gas monitoring. It is also widely used in atmospheric monitoring and air quality monitoring. Internet of Things, Factory Boundaries, Wisdom and Environmental Protection. Remote control, drones, unmanned ships. Instrument research and development, flue gas, petroleum and petrochemical, pharmaceutical, etc.Leaks of toxic gases in the industry occur from time to time. The threat to personal safety is also growing. After these disasters. Due to the complexity and danger of the on-site environment. Rescue work is often difficult to carry out. It also brings great hidden dangers to the life and safety of rescue team members.

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