What can a combustible gas detector do in chemical field.

Scope of application:

The portable combustible gas detector can be used: Detect the concentration of related gases in the petroleum,chemical fields to ensure the safety of workers!

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 Portable combustible gas detector product information:

  The detector is a single gas or multiple gas detectors that can be flexibly configured. It can be equipped with an oxygen sensor, a combustible gas sensor. And two optional toxic gas sensors or four toxic gas sensors or a single gas sensor.

 With a very clear large LCD screen, sound and light alarm prompts. to ensure that the portable combustible gas detector can detect dangerous gases in a very unfavorable working environment and prompt the operator to prevent it in time.

The portable combustible gas detector adopts the natural diffusion method to detect the gas concentration. And uses a catalytic combustion sensor.which has excellent sensitivity and excellent repeatability; The combustible gas detector adopts embedded micro-control technology, simple menu operation, complete functions, and high reliability. The performance of the whole machine is at the leading domestic level. It is suitable for places such as flammable gas leakage emergency, underground pipelines or mines, etc. It can effectively ensure that the life safety of workers is not infringed, and production equipment is not lost. The shell of the combustible gas hand-held meter is made of high-strength engineering materials and composite elastic rubber materials,with high strength and good hand feeling.

 Precautions when installing the portable combustible gas detector:

 1. The combustible gas controller should be installed in a non-explosion-proof place such as the instrument room, and it is strictly prohibited to install it in an explosion-proof place.

 2. Regardless of the installation method of the combustible gas controller, it should be firmly fixed to avoid vibration, dust and water, and the environment should meet the requirements of the instrument manual.

 3. The combustible gas controller should adopt a relatively clean power supply, and avoid using the same-circuit power supply with large-scale electrical equipment.

 4. The combustible gas controller should be grounded on the shell or the ground wire of the power plug.

 5. It is strictly forbidden to destroy the shell of the combustible gas controller, otherwise it will affect the shielding effect.

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