Automatic weather station help crops grow


Agricultural production is a farming activity carried out under natural conditions. Therefore, meteorological conditions have a great impact on the growth of crops. We cannot artificially change weather conditions, but we can adjust the content of agricultural activities to respond to natural disasters.

Use automatic weather station to strengthen meteorological environment monitoring of farmland. The distribution of agricultural natural resources and agricultural natural disasters is studied according to meteorological monitoring data. It provides basis for agricultural planning and crop cultivation and management.

automatic Weather Station
Functions of automatic weather stations:

The automatic weather station can continuously monitor soil moisture, temperature, light intensity and other agricultural meteorological environmental parameters.

Widely used in meteorology, environmental protection, airport, agriculture and forestry, hydrology, military, storage, scientific research and other fields.

Automatic weather stations promote the growth of crops and regulate the growth environment of crops by means of scientific meteorological monitoring. Use natural methods to increase crop yields and increase yields.

With the development of modern agriculture, scientific instruments such as automatic weather stations will be used more and more in agricultural production. We will promote scientific management of modern agriculture and realize agricultural modernization at an early date.

Features of automatic weather stations:

1, automatic weather station adopts stainless steel light metal bracket and field protection box, beautiful appearance, corrosion resistance, anti-interference, can run in all kinds of harsh outdoor environment for a long time.

2.The automatic weather station is small in size, light in weight, low in power consumption and cost, easy to widely grid deployment, maintenance-free, easy to install and without moving parts.

3, automatic weather station equipped with ultrasonic wind speed and direction sensor, RS485 interface +12V power supply. No start speed limit can work at zero wind speed, 360° all directions without Angle limit, can obtain wind speed and wind direction values at the same time.

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