Portable water quality detector to monitor water quality


Water resource is one of the indispensable resources for the development of human society and economy. To ensure the development of social economy and People’s Daily life and production.

The water resource crisis in the current human society has directly limited the economic development. And affect the normal life of human beings, so it is urgent and necessary to face up to the crisis of water resources and pay attention to the problem of water resources.

Water quality analysis plays an important role in the investigation and control of water resources quality. The uses of water are wide and varied, and where there is water there is life. The human body and most plants and animals are made of water. Water is a very important and active factor in both natural and social environment. Living things need water to grow, industry needs water, even transportation, landscape needs water.
Water is in constant motion. In the organism, in the soil, in the factory, let every corner of the world full of vitality and vitality. Pollutants are carried away by water flow, diluted, resolved, and finally purified by nature, thus balancing the environment and ecology.
But the change of water quality and quantity will cause great discord, so the water quality monitoring of the water environment protection, water pollution control and maintenance of water environmental health is very important, for this purpose, the essence of unblocked developed a portable monitor water quality, it is like can be summoned to the water quality analysis of experts around you.

portable water quality detector
Product Introduction:

Portable water quality detector, also known as portable multi-parameter water quality detector, portable water quality analyzer and portable water quality analyzer. Water quality detector shape design small and beautiful, easy to carry.

Portable water quality detector adopts guiding operation design. The interface and operation are easy to understand and the results are accurate. Operation without manual intervention, the system automatically identifies the detection channel, accurate detection.

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