How much do you know about cod detector?

What is water quality cod?

The cod detector is to detect the content of COD in the water. COD refers to chemical oxygen demand. It is a chemical measure that measures the amount of reducing substances that need to be oxidized in a water sample. Oxygen equivalent of substances (usually organic) that can be oxidized by strong oxidants in wastewater, wastewater treatment plant effluents and contaminated water. In the study of river pollution and the nature of industrial wastewater, as well as the operation and management of sewage treatment plants. It is an important and fast measurement of organic pollution parameters. It is usually represented by the symbol COD.

The impact of water quality cod

High chemical oxygen demand (COD) means that the water contains a lot of reducing substances. Mainly organic pollutants. The higher the chemical oxygen demand. The more serious the organic pollutants in the river. If not dealt with. Many organic pollutants will be adsorbed and deposited on the bottom of the river. Causes toxic effects on aquatic organisms lasting for many years. When a large number of aquatic organisms die. The ecosystem of the river is destroyed. Therefore, it is very important to monitor the water quality of cod.

cod detector
cod detector
Introduction of water quality cod monitoring equipment

The laboratory water quality monitoring equipment independently developed by Jingxunchangtong has a small zero drift. Good repeatability. Fully moulded anti-corrosion, high temperature resistant material. High sensitivity and fast response speed. Chinese menu, LCD screen display. Strong anti-interference ability and strong adaptability. The temperature rises quickly, the sensitivity is high, and the response speed is fast. The data is continuously stable and the calculation and measurement are accurate. Strong anti-interference ability and strong adaptability. The water quality COD sensor adopts COD spectrophotometry to detect. The study found that organic matter has a maximum absorption value in the ultraviolet region of 254nm.

Therefore, the absorbance at this wavelength can be measured. The suspension absorbs visible light at 900 nm. The absorption of organic matter is almost zero. Therefore, it can be divided into two lights. By measuring the degree of absorption of the two paths of light. The COD value of water quality can be obtained. The water quality BOD sensor excites tryptophan in water to produce fluorescence through ultraviolet light. The detector detects this fluorescence signal and the sensor’s built-in correction parameters convert the tryptophan fluorescence signal into the biochemical oxygen demand related to it. Use tryptophan to measure BOD indirectly. The BOD value of water quality can be obtained.

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